Who we are

The Texas Seminar of the I-RSJA

Thank you for visiting our website!  The Texas Seminar provides a depth opportunity to study Jungian Analytical Psychology to interested and qualified participants.  Our Seminar is one of several Seminars that comprise the Jungian training institute of the Inter-Regional Society of Jungian Analysts (I-RSJA: www.irsja.org).  We offer a forum for both didactic learning of analytic psychology and for the conscious development of oneself as an analyst. The Seminar offers training for individuals interested in becoming Jungian Analysts and for clinicians interested in enhancing their clinical practices through an intensive study of Jungian perspective.  We also accept qualified applicants holding master's degrees in other academic disciplines.  Students who meet the graduation requirements of both the Seminar and the I-RSJA are granted a Diploma in Analytical Psychology by the I-RSJA, which certifies them as Jungian Analysts.

                 Our deadline for accepting applications for the 2020-2021 training year has passed.  If you are

                 interested in our seminar classes for 2021-2022, please contact our Admissions Coordinator, 

                 Barbara Barnes, who is available to answer any questions and would appreciate the opportunity

                 to tell you about our extraordinary program.

Our Philosophy

The training philosophy of our Seminar is based on the understanding that theories of Carl Jung and many post-Jungians can inform the lives of individuals, communities and cultures in a positive way.  For participants seeking to train as analysts, we encourage the recognition that a personal Jungian analysis assists in the integration of clinical, intellectual, symbolic, emotional and ethical expertise.  For those individuals we encourage first and foremost the importance of a personal analysis for analytic learning. It is important that applicants understand the commitment such a process entails.  All participants engage in an in-depth study that invites the integration of not only theory but a personal relationship with the unconscious and as such, we have found that psychotherapy or analysis running concurrently with this study is more than fruitful.

Basic Structure of the Seminar

The Seminar meets monthly, September through May.  Each weekend consists of 8 hours of didactic instruction and 2 hours of clinical casework.  Clinical participants are also invited to engage in a monthly 4-6 hour clinical case colloquium, to discuss cases in greater depth with an experienced training analyst.  We also hold a process group three times per year for participants. The subject matter of the didactic part of the Seminar focuses on a comprehensive understanding of Jung’s Collected Works, on myth, symbol, and current advances in Analytic Psychology.  This includes post-Jungian and psychoanalytic innovations along with classical and archetypal approaches.  Our hope is that Seminar participants will finely develop their own perspectives on these theories. Toward this end the process group is an integral part of our curriculum, along with regular case presentations and written papers.

Our Focus

Our focus is not merely to train Jungian analysts and offer in-depth study to all participants, but to provide a space in which individuals can challenge both themselves and one another to engage creative and integrated thought.  

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